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Kayaker’s Choices

32 x 48

o / wood panel

Caprock Canyon # 1

24 x 36

acrylic on canvas

Aubrey Peanut Mill

12 x 30

oil / canvas


Little Red Hen

5 x 7

o / canvas panel

Agave # 2

10.75 x 14.75

o / wood panel

Two Black Necked Swans

5 x 7    o / panel

Lin Hampton knew she was an artist in her earliest memories. She works most passionately with a very unique series of personal marks in oil on wood panel, canvas and pastel mediums. On first look, the paintings appear to be tight figurative renderings of common subjects. On closer examination, the viewer is drawn into the stories, icons and symbols hidden within the personal marks.



10.75 x 14.75

o / wood panel

Lin is re-emerging in the Art World. She has been working on left brain tasks for the past twenty years, and has now returned to her overwhelming passion of creativity. Entering her first competition in ten years, Lin’s work “Kayaker’s” was immediately accepted into the Texas Friends and Neighbors Art Competition at the Irving (Texas) Arts Center. She is currently exploring a series of works that are light-hearted and humorous. These are avant-garde renderings of people and their pets.

Lin lives in Denton, Texas with her husband, three cedars, two cats and two cows.

Phone : 940 686 2396
Email  : fmgallerypilotpoint@gmail.commailto:fmgallerypilotpoint@gmail.comHome.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
The work of this contemporary Texas artist may be seen at Farmer’s & Merchant’s Gallery in Pilot Point, Texas.
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