If you are looking for some of the best heist Telugu movies of all time, you should watch ‘Khaidi’. If you are willing to watch movies online that can keep you on edge and have many action-packed sequences with on spot acting and direction, you should watch this film.

‘Kaithi’ is a Tamil film directed and written by LokeshKanagaraj that was dubbed into ‘Khaidi’ in Telegu. The film was produced by S. R. Prakash Babu, S. R. Prabhu and ThiruppurVivek. PonParthiban wrote the screenplay, and Sam C. S. gave the music. SathyanSooryan did the cinematography, and Philomin Raj did the editing. The film featured Karthi as Dilli, who played the leading protagonist role. Narain played inspector Bejoy, Arjun Das as Anbu, Dheena as Kamatchi, Harish Uthaman as Adaikalam, and George Maryan as constable Napoleon. Dream Warrior Pictures and Vivekananda Pictures did the production of the film. You can watch movies online like ‘Khaidi’ on the best Telugu OTT platform.

The storyline

The film opens up with a small girl waiting for someone’s arrival the next morning in an orphanage. Then the scene moves to inspector Bejoy who can capture a van carrying 540 crore worth of drugs. To get back drugs from the police officers, the drug dealer’s brother Anbu poisoned all police officials in a police officer’s retirement party. It was only inspector Bejoy who did not drink the poison because he was under medication. He was in charge of an ex-convict who was scheduled to meet his daughter in the orphanage the next morning. To save all the officers from being killed while unconscious, inspector Bejoy asked for Dilli’s help.

The police inspector also threatened Dillii that if he did not help, he would not meet with his daughter the next morning. His help was very much necessary because only Dilli could drive the truck and help the unconscious police officers reach the hospital and get treatment. Dilli asks Kamatchi to guide him throughout the route to the hospital without causing any casualties. Thus, begins the journey with the truck driver Dilli, Kamatchi inspector Bejoy and all the other unconscious police officers. The battle against the men of honour would try to stop the truck and harm the police officers. The people also take help from normal citizens detained from driving their cars because of their drunk driving cases.

The familiar story of the police chasing the thief is reversed here as it is the thief who is chasing the police. Also, it is the police mostly saving the victims and the normal citizens, but in this film, it is the ex-prisoners and petty criminals to take charge of several police officers’ lives. You can expect to watch a blockbuster film that is compact with the most brilliant fighting sequences, a strong plot, a highly satisfying ending and hope for a sequel. If you want to Telugu movies watch online, download the best OTT platform today.

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